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Trevin Wax

Discipleship in the Age of Richard Dawkins, Lady Gaga, and

Too often, discipleship gets reduced to the personal and private practice of spiritual disciplines. However, we must also understand the time we are in and learn how to respond to the culture. Our challenge is to see disciple-making not only in terms of adopting spiritual disciplines but also in terms of countering the prevailing rival eschatologies of our contemporary setting (the Enlightenment, Sexual Revolution, Consumerism) with the purpose of demonstrating the church's unique identity as God's kingdom people.

Trevin Wax is Bible and Reference Publisher for LifeWay Christian Resources and has served as managing editor of The Gospel Project, a gospel-centered small group curriculum for all ages. A contributor to numerous publications including The Washington Post, Christianity Today, and World, Trevin writes daily at Kingdom People, a blog hosted by The Gospel Coalition.

A former missionary to Romania, Trevin was recently named by Christianity Today as one of 33 millennials leading the next generation of evangelicalism. He is the co-host of the Word Matters podcast that explores difficult and contested passages of Scripture. He earned his Ph.D in Theology at Southeastern Seminary in Wake Forest, NC, and his Masters of Divinity at Sounthern Seminary in Louisville, KY.

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