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Does God Really Care About Gender? Renée Sproles

Guy Hammond

Monday, August 14

Is someone’s gender set for life—or is it socially constructed? Does the Bible really teach wives to submit to their husbands? How can churches be a place where men and women are equally valued?

Start exploring the answers to these questions and more along with Renée Sproles at the School of Christian Thought on August 14th, where she will introduce her newest book: Male and Female: A Biblical Look at Gender. Bring your curiosity, muster your courage, and come ready to seek the Truth!

About Renée Sproles

Renée is an author, public speaker, podcaster, and a lifelong, 3rd-generation North Boulevard member. She is the co-founder and original director of the School of Christian Thought, and she organized the events for many of our popular speakers including Lee Strobel, Stephen Kendrick, Annie Lobért, and more. A 15-year homeschool veteran, Renée also co-founded the Discipleship Tutorial, and she and her husband, David, have team-taught our parenting class, Growing Kids God’s Way, for many years. You can catch her and fellow North Boulevard member, Bonnie Blaylock, on their popular parenting podcast, Just Ask Your Mom, every week. Renée currently serves as the Director of Cultural Engagement for

Books by Renée Sproles


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