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Lee Strobel

“A former atheist and hard-bitten journalist with The Chicago Tribune, in 1980 Lee Strobel began an investigation that would alter the course of his life forever. Observing the transformation in his wife following her conversion to Christianity, he began exploring the evidence supporting the truthfulness of the Christian faith. What he discovered eventually led to his own commitment to Christ in 1981.

Recounting the investigation process, Strobel remarks, “Some people are more experiential - they like to experience things - but because I come from a law background, a legal background, and a journalism background, I tend to respond to facts and evidence. My way of processing my spiritual journey was to ask the question ‘Is there any evidence that supports Christianity being true?’”

Lee Strobel knows a good story. More importantly, he knows how to sort through confusing facts and data in order to get to the bottom of the truth. As the former legal affairs editor for The Chicago Tribune, he has sat in courtrooms and police departments and done countless interviews to search out the story and get the facts. Says Strobel, “I proceeded to gather all the evidence pro and con and be as thorough as I can and ask all the tough questions, and then subject them to scrutiny of a skeptic. I determined to remain open and vowed that I would respond to whichever direction the evidence points. I think that is a rational way to behave. That is to say ‘If there is convincing evidence, then the most rational and logical thing I could do would be to follow that evidence regardless of which direction it took me.’”

The nearly two-year process led him to the conclusion that the evidence overwhelmingly supports Christianity as being true.

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