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Healing the Nations

A Christ-centered Conversation about Race

We desire a constructive conversation that builds bridges of understanding and friendship between the races in our community. Our panel of local leaders will seek to answer questions like:

What do African Americans and Caucasians need to understand about each other? In a politically charged environment, how do we cultivate honest and constructive conversations? How can we work together in our community and nation to build bridges between the races? What role can the church and its members serve in building a peaceful and just society? What can the future of our nation look like if we focus on healing our racial problems?

Participants from left to right, top to bottom

Sam Hall, Founder Vanguard Solutions Consulting, LLC

David Young, Minister at North Boulevard Church

Corey Trimble, Pastor at The Experience Community

Jason Scales, Pastor at Believers Faith Fellowship

James McCarroll, Pastor at First Baptist Church

Scott Walker, President of WGNS

Main Event


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