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Dr. Ming Wang

While in medical school, Ming became a Christian and since then, his faith has inspired all of his work. Today, Dr.Wang is a world-renowned cataract and LASIK surgeon, and the er-hu and dance skills he learned during the Cultural Revolution have now become his hobby, and are utilized to help his medical charity work (EyeBall). Dr. Wang is also the founding president of the Tennessee Chinese Chamber of Commerce and co-founder of Tennessee Immigrant and Minority Business Group. He will describe his Chinese Bible project, which may possibly help in recruiting a quarter of the human population for God’s kingdom.

Describing his 16-year journey with faith and science, Dr. Wang will tell the powerful story of the amniotic membrane contact lens. He will describe how he began fetal wound-healing research to help injured adult eyes, and how he was frustrated at not being able to find a way to conduct this corneal wound-healing research without harming an unborn child. The questions in his heart were “Are science and faith really this contradictory? Should we do fetal wound-healing research without our moral, ethical and faith principles? Or, should we not do this research at all, and therefore not being able to advance medicine and improve the quality of our lives?”

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