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Annie Lobért

Raped, beaten, and kidnapped--Annie Lobért was living within a prison of sex trafficking, drugs and prostituting. Her life continued to spiral out of control and spiritual and physical death was growing nearer.

Lobért eventually suffered a heart attack after an extended use of cocaine. She cried out to God to deliver her as she slumped to the floor. Her answer came swiftly. Later Lobért shocked doctors by miraculously escaping death and walking out of the hospital. Lobért vowed to destroy the sex industry and launched the Hookers for Jesus in Las Vegas, Nevada (2005) out of her pain--her desperation.

With the help of Valley Bible Fellowship, Lobért also morphed into a bold witness for Christ and started Destiny House, a transitional program to help women get out of the sex industry. Currently Lobért and her ministry team witness to women on the Las Vegas strip and night clubs by praying and giving gift bags filled with makeup, perfume and Lobért’s phone number if the women need to reach out.

There’s no avoiding the opposition - hate.

Lobért faces constant death threats, via social media, and on the streets, however. Not a surprise. The amount of money spent on prostitution is $30 million a day according to a report by the San Francisco Examiner (Top 5 Myths About Prostitution). After spending 16 years in the sex industry, Lobért says her determination is unwavering. She’s on a mission to set the record straight about prostitution and the definition of sex trafficking. She addresses the church’s blindness to the problem and lack of acceptance of women leaving the industry.

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