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Andrée Seu Peterson

My choice of topics for my bi-monthly “WORLD” columns and the daily blogs are serendipitous. I would like to think it is the Holy Spirit behind that serendipity, because I have committed the process to Him. I never go looking for stories, but I keep my ear open, and God sends little thoughts my way. You all get them too, but since you don’t need to write for a living, you just let them flit in and out of your mind. I have begun asking God to let me write only essays that build up the Church, as opposed to muckraking articles. This is because I myself am most helped by those kinds of stories --- those that showcase God’s glory and faithfulness and power --- so I want others to be encouraged by the truth too. You ask if there are subjects that are “easy” and some “hard.” The subjects I know nothing about are “hard” (Just kidding). So I have decided, over the years, to stay away from current events altogether, except, now and then, as springboards to more “devotional” topics.

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